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Geosite is a comprehensive cloud-based repository and management tool for geospatial data such as satellite imagery, internet of things (IoT), and drone mapping.


Utilize, Find, and Purchase Spatial Data



A secure collaborative environment for your organization to plan and conduct operations quickly and safely. See the world more clearly to anticipate safety, terrain, land rights, and environmental factors that may slow progress. 

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Increased ability to optimize operations through automatic and distributed data collected into the platform, either from your field team or remote sensor platforms (IIOT). Make better decisions faster, increasing equipment and personnel safety and increasing operational efficiency. 

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Buy the data you need and have it all in one place. Geosite has extensive partnerships to ensure we can provide data as your company needs it - just for your areas of interest - from satellite and drone imagery to road conditions and drilling data. 



Geosite is an enterprise SaaS platform for spatial data which allows you to see the world as it is today. Through pairing a marketplace with integrated data management and collaboration tools, Geosite enables customers to utilize an informative platform for more rapid and accurate operations. People, time, equipment, and dollars can be leveraged more intelligently through this new technology.



Increasing operational efficiency with new technologies requires multiple steps, each of which come with complexity and cost. An increase in data can cause confusion and major organizational workflow issues if careful consideration is not given to version control and data governance. 

Organizations often struggle to understand what data may be available and useful to them. Geosite creates a common operating picture for streamlined, operationally efficient logistics and operations.

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Ensure personnel, environmental, and equipment safety with a clearer understanding of the terrain, vegetation, and other factors that may affect your operations. Geosite offers access to high-resolution, recent data (as little as one day old). Safely move personnel and equipment by studying terrain features early in site selection and logistics planning to guarantee employee safety and success.

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Join Our Team

We are looking for ambitious engineers who are interested in positively shaping the future of geospatial data using cloud technology.

In addition to Y Combinator, we are also backed by some of the best Silicon Valley venture capital firms. The Geosite team is located in the Bay Area and can only accept applicants that are U.S. Citizens due to work with the Department of Defense. We look forward to meeting you!


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