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Geosite is a cloud-based platform creating a comprehensive repository of geospatial data, providing market-wide ability to rapidly search, select, purchase, assemble, and manage data sets. This will not only create the most comprehensive and exhaustive marketplace for geospatial data and analytics, but also build the underlying data infrastructure for the geospatial industry.

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Satellite Data 

Geosite leverages data from the world’s top satellite companies like Planet and DigitalGlobe to ensure that customers can use the world’s most incredible data.

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Distributed, internet connected sensors provide customers with amazing new data. Geosite ensures that data is presented in a usable, intuitive form for better decision making. From remote sensors to SCADA systems, Geosite will display a cohesive picture.



Special attention is given to every aspect of our user experience and user interaction design. Our customers operate in the most demanding environments, so a high standard is set for creating an intuitive and efficient workflow.


Join Our Team

We are looking for ambitious engineers interested in positively shaping the future of geospatial data using cloud technology. We are actively interviewing new teammates for multiple technical roles, both frontend and backend. The Geosite team is located in the Bay Area and currently can only accept applicants that are U.S. Citizens due to work with the Department of Defense. We look forward to meeting you!

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