Meet our team.

Geosite is made up of a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about fighting inefficiencies.

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Rachel Olney, CEO & Founder

Rachel Olney is a Stanford University Mechanical Engineering PhD Candidate and the founder of Geosite Inc. Her academic research addresses innovation in bureaucratic and hierarchical organizations as well as mechanical and systems engineering and design. Specifically, her dissertation research is focused on elite US Cyber Command teams developing offensive and defensive cyber capabilities. Rachel has also aided the military’s efforts to leverage commercial imagery and communications platforms to create improved intelligence products and resilient operations systems.

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Dan Lim, Lead Full Stack Engineer

Dan Lim is a former Army officer and developer for US Army Cyber Command. Prior to joining the Army, he earned his MS in statistics and is expecting his PhD in political science from UCLA, with an emphasis on methodology and immigration studies. He also holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Yale University. His work experience includes the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Naval War College, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dan's favorite languages are R and Python, and he believes it is self-evident that tabs are superior to spaces.


Shannon Hung, Lead UX Designer

Shannon Hung is a Santa Clara University alumni and former corporate tax consultant at Ernst & Young. She chose to follow her dreams and become a UX designer after receiving the Women in Tech scholarship from Bloc. The popularity of Myspace and Neopets in 2006 served as the foundation for her affinity towards front-end development and design. Her design work includes a collaboration with USA Taekwondo, Rexy Sport, and various side projects. Shannon is known for her meticulous process of choosing typography, as well as her robotic handwriting.

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Slava Kapustin, Lead Front End Engineer

Slava (Viacheslav) Kapustin started his career as a technician and then engineer for Russian Space Agency, where he worked on computer-aided designs for the International Space Station. Slava then worked at banks and insurance companies to deliver online services to their clients. He also has experience in the development of electronic book readers and TV streaming platforms. Slava has an MS in Telecommunications Engineering and a BS in Economics.

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Burke Greer, Lead GIS Scientist

Burke Greer has been mapping and analyzing geographic data for over 15 years and holds an MA from UC Santa Barbara’s department of Geography and a PhD from the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. As a geographer and scientist he has deep expertise in gathering and turning real-world data into information and products ready for mapping and spatial analysis. Burke’s experience working in agriculture, natural hazard planning, military facilities planning, and research science means that he knows how to leverage geographic data into real insights to help customers. Burke acts as a bridge between cutting edge GIScience and real-world implementation.