Create a basic SPA (single page application) in React.js that maps locations of interest from your life.


  • Contains a map in the main content area. You may use any publicly available map library (e.g. openlayers, leaflet, googlemaps)

  • Have a navigation element which lists (in subgroups):

    • The employers on your resume

    • The last 3 places you’ve lived

  • Each of the locations listed in the nav element should have a location marker associated with it on the map. On clicking the link in the nav, the map should pan to that element in the map

  • Bonus: Have a search bar that geocodes arbitrary locations and pans the map to those locations


  • You may use create-react-app to get started

  • You may use a front end framework (e.g. bootstrap, zurb, material-ui)

  • You may use secondary libraries (e.g. redux, thunk)

  • You may reuse your own code from prior work

  • You may use code snippets from other authors but they must be annotated in comments, and they must not constitute wholesale copying (to be arbitrated by Geosite engineers)

Evaluation criteria:

  • Functionality: Does the submission meet all the functional requirements?

  • Aesthetics: Does the layout make sense? Are there obvious impediments to functionality that are induced by your design?

  • Discussion: Be prepared to discuss your submission during the interview process

Please save your work as a public git repo and submit the link with your cover letter.