Spondon Saha 

Lead Backend Engineer

Spondon is the Lead Backend Engineer at Geosite. Prior to Geosite, he worked at Airbus on their UTM product to help pilots plan their flights on a GeoSpatial platform. His breadth of expertise has always been backend focused and he brings to the team a wealth of engineering experience that is helping Geosite scale better for its growing customer base. Prior to Airbus, he was one of the founding members of Anaplan's San Francisco Engineering Team, so brings a lot of Enterprise Financial Software experience with him that helps companies reach the next level. He graduated with a Master's in Computer Science from Cal Poly Pomona and his research focus was on Scheduler systems for large distributed networks of sensors/agents using market-based bidding strategies. He also worked on UAVs while at Cal Poly Pomona and built a ground-station to fetch aircraft telemetry and video/image data for recognizing targets of interest autonomously (AUVSI 2010, USAF). During his spare time, he loves to cook, works on his DIY cryptocurrency miner, loves to bike and hike.