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Visualizes the information in an easy to use geospatial view and interactive web-based solution. Addresses critically low inventory or surplus levels at each location, and provide teams with a hand receipt to easily request transfer of parts from one warehouse to another.

Image by Sander Yigin

Efficient Supply & Logistics Operations

Enterprise-level solution that provides real-time situational awareness of the organization’s supply and logistics operations

Global Inventory Management

Reduce operational risk as decisions are made with accurate and complete information


Transparent view of inventories

Centrally located or distributed inventories across the enterprise

Supply level alerts to indicate low inventory warnings


Integrated messaging system

Supporting and tracking inventory requests

Integration with inventory management devices such as bar code readers


Intuitive GUI

Improve user experience at data entry level for inventories, maintenance schedules, capacity planning, hours for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Weather or other environment data overlays to support route planning

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