Geosite recently launched new applications with one of the world’s largest P&C insurers to advance digital transformation of processes related to both claims and underwriting through software tools that remove the complexity of geospatial data (such as high resolution satellite imagery, SAR, drone, IoT, and AI analytic data). Geosite's applications are data and AI agnostic - meaning our customers will be able to continuously access the best sources of information and analysis over time. Our goal is to help large insurance companies modernize their workflows and leverage data to become more efficient to improve loss ratios and improve customer retention.


Disaster Response Application

In the event of a disaster, assess areas hardest hit, give a clear picture of what resources the victims need, and triage claims during large scale disasters using pre and post disaster data combined with policy information

Modernize Claims and Underwriting workflows to leverage existing data for improved decision making

Helping modernize building management workflows to leverage existing data for improved decision making

Providing Accurate Information for Comprehensive Risk Management

Leverage imagery, sensors, and analytics technologies to help modernize processes and help better understand the risks associated with existing and new assets.


Insurance Operating Platform (IOP)

AKA the plumbing - Ingest, aggregate, and help your team fuse complex geospatial data in one central place to help implement and scale data-usage for your entire organization across any number of internal external tools


Claims Application

Help your claims professionals accurately and easily analyze and process claims using cutting edge remote sensing data and AI from every source on earth, to help your clients get back on their feet faster


Underwriting Application

Empower your underwriting team to pull, aggregate, and analyze vast amounts of data and analytics products to help accurately assess and price new policies and determine future factors to improve loss ratios