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Shorten the time between when a potential emergency scenario is detected to when responders hit the ground

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Incident Response Coordination

By fusing and surfacing these data and tools in a single platform, disaster planners and responders will have all the information they need

Prepare for and Coordinate rescue efforts from start to finish

Achieved by leveraging the extraordinary amount of data produced around every disaster, but is often underutilized because it is not made actionable for responders.


Data fusion and ingestion

Distress alerts and natural hazards such as wildfires, flood zones, hurricane paths, and fault lines


Interactive map

Enables drawing and measuring search areas or hazard zones


In-platform collaboration

Notifications to flag incident updates

Automatic log entries based on user actions.

Current Use Case

The Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) is using Geosite’s Beacon to modernize Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. Today, AFRCC triages distress calls, localizes the source, prioritizes immediacy, and parses local jurisdictions for response resources - at times a two hour process. 

With Geosite, however, SAR controllers can quickly ingest, assign, review, and coordinate a SAR incident from any location, reducing triage times to a matter of minutes in the critical early moments of emergencies.