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Military operations require precision and coordination. Data silos often present operators from getting the data they need quickly and keeps data collectors from being able to optimize and learn from data collects based on actual use and need. Geosite allows military operators to search across multiple data sets and collaboratiely build a common operating picture quiclky and intuitiely. 

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 Over 80% of information has a spatial component to it, rarely is this being leveraged to add to the bottom line for Oil and Gas companies. With the proliferation of data, Oil and Gas exploration can now reach an operational efficiency that was impossible only a few years ago. Geosite allows for cutting edge logistics planning and operational tracking to increase safety and productivity. 

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Geosite brings together data from exquisite sources: from the world's largest satellite constellations to IOT and other spatial data. We are building the platform that will allow our customers to bring this data together more accurately and intuitively. Strategically located in Silicon Valley, we are building our platform with the most cutting edge new tools and services.