Geosite is offering paid, academic-year internships for undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in cartography and/or spatial data. Interns will work with GIS scientists and senior engineers to improve product features, build cloud GIS infrastructure, and expand our spatial data library.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Scoping, prototyping, and building scalable cloud GIS and mapping infrastructure

  • Creating new spatial data products for our data library (including vector/raster data sets and basemaps)

  • Coding front-end and/or back-end features for our core mapping products


  • Demonstrable interest in GIS, cloud infrastructure, and/or computer programming (e.g. clubs/activities, work portfolio, coursework)

  • Eligible for part-time work in the U.S. during the school year

Application Process:

  • Submit a 1-page cover letter and resume outlining your interest in the internship to

    • (Optional) Submit a letter of recommendation from a relevant authority (e.g. your geography/CSS professor, previous supervisor at a tech firm, etc.)

  • Conduct a phone screening interview with a Geosite SME

  • Conduct an in-person fit and technical interview at the Geosite office in Palo Alto