Save time and conduct desktop recon.



Accurate information for decision-making is hard to use because map and IIOT sensor data is overwhelming. Data sources all have their own portals and do not become actionable intelligence because it requires too much time and effort. Moreover, it is complex and time-consuming to communicate to distributed teams in field while situations are changing.

Geosite integrates data streams. Instant updates of up-to-the-minute satellite imagery from commercial providers shows what is happening at your sites around the world in real time. GPS and SCADA system data are served so project managers have dashboards to make better decisions. Managers can check in on remote teams to choose the best routes to move trucks, conduct contingency planning, and manage by exception because data is centralized and useable. All in one place, your teams have better routing, directions, and project visibility.

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Construction of oil assets, like wells and pipelines, is complex and difficult. Over a project’s life cycle, maps are often out-of-date, and project managers’ jobs of tracking project status while maintaining project secrecy and privacy can be burdensome and incomplete.

Our platform makes it easy to manage construction and drilling projects because mapping data is centralized. Teams have instant access to the data they need to do their jobs best: Executives can inspect projects while managers are optimizing operations by tracking assets and communicating with workers in the field. Data is also protected by the same technology we use for the US Military.