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Image by Bimo Luki


Simultaneously contribute to a common understanding of the operational landscape

Image by Joel Rivera-Camacho

Desktop Recon: Building a Common Operating Picture

COP solution with the ability to pull data from multiple sources (satellites, drones, IoT devices, etc.) for both human and machine analysis in one collaborative platform.

The advantage of information superiority in planning and executing operations

Fuse satellite imagery with ground sensor data to individually query multiple data repositories to locate and access information you need


Satellite, IoT, and field sensors

Complete integration with all the sensors and analytics needed for a clear picture of the operational landscape

DTR-data vis.png

Data visualization

Track threats & operations and manage AOIs

Mark range or off-limit areas


Overlay force positions onto customized basemap for terrain exploitation


Management dashboards

Comprehensive intel for complete situational awareness

Manage teams to investigate possible target areas

Chat securely with remote team members

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