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Ensure that the best data is being used for mission planning and operations.


Search multiple satellite data sources all in one place. Geosite has extensive partnerships to ensure we have the technology and partnerships to search across many commercial, open source, and local databases.


A secure, collaborative environment for your organization. Geosite is built to not only find the data but also keep an updated COP by ensuring data is updated for AOIs as it becomes available. Export tools are built to deploy intel products to downstream, field-able devices.


Geosite has partnered with analytics companies to allow our users to stream analytics in the platform for multiple applications and has tested the platform successfully with drone and IOT data to ensure the platform can handle any spatial data our users may need.

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Current processes for finding data takes users days to weeks searching across multiple silos of data. Due to operational constraints and task saturation of users, a thorough search is rarely feasible due to time and accessibility.

Geosite is a comprehensive, cloud-based repository and management tool for geospatial data such as satellite or drone imagery. Through the aggregation of public and commercial data, Geosite is a highly streamlined platform, affording market-wide accessibility for rapid search, selection, assembly, and export of diverse data sets within minutes - not days.


Inability to search across platforms leaves warfighters to rely on older or less informative data. This is not only intolerable from a national security perspective, but also possible to solve with a platform capable of aggregating and serving data rapidly, regardless of the source or spatial data type: from images to spatially referenced notes.

Geosite is strategically positioned not to compete with either data generation or data analytics companies to ensure ease of partnership building. Geosite currently has commercial partnerships with satellite, analytics, and drone companies and will continue to build partnerships as needed by customer demand.

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From automating AOI data searches to creating user preferences - Geosite ensures warfighter workflows are optimized to spend less time finding and more time making informed decisions. Once an AOI is defined, the system can automatically sweep for new data. Teams can work on data sets together through advanced data governance allowing for secure sharing and collaborative planning.