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COVID Response Tool

Initially created for the DOD, the COVID Response Tool allows for rapid decision making at scale by leveraging multiple data sources simultaneously.


A live common operating picture

Bridge the gap between data creating and analytics and the ability to make critical decisions now.


Status at any location

Share insights across teams and locations


Locate key resources and personnel with efficiency and confidence


Emerging trends and exceptions

Intuitive, real-time communication and collaboration tools

Built-in exploratory data analysis tools


Reopening timelines and risks

Rapidly communicate ground truth data and time-sensitive decisions

From the DOD to commercial operations

Originally built for the DOD, the COVID Response tool empowers decision makers to make sensitive decisions with the built in exploratory data analysis tools.

Department of Defense

  • Maintain Readiness

  • Ensure Health and Safety

  • Mitigate Reopening Risks

  • Maintain Compliance

Commercial operations

  • Safely Conduct Business

  • Assess and Mitigate Risks

  • Maintain Compliance

  • Share Insights across Teams and Locations

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