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Our Values


We value human life and dignity and the right to autonomy and privacy.

  • We will not help with indiscriminately harming or taking human life.

  • We will not support efforts or groups that inadvertently or purposefully depredate the cultures or faiths of others.

  • We will clearly communicate when users and their organizations can or cannot have expectations of privacy.

Ethics Start


We value balancing between the pillars of environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and cultural enrichment. 

  • We will help minimize damage to the environment and protect the integrity of ecosystems by providing better clarity of operations for our customers.

  • Recognizing the critical importance of each pillar, we will aim for economic prosperity without compromising our support for the environment and the enrichment of cultures for the good of all. 


We value the rule of just law.

  • We will help work toward a world in line with international laws such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • We will not help people circumvent laws within the jurisdiction of areas in which we are operating.

  • We will give due consideration to the complexities of systemic injustice and do our best to ensure that we do not support unjust status quos where they exist. 


We value the prosperity of Geosite, our teammates, and our customers.

  • Everything we build will help provide value to our customers, and we will proactively ensure that customer needs are being met.

  • All business decisions will give due consideration to the continued growth and sustainability of Geosite as well as the best interests of our teammates.

  • We will help our teammates care for their personal and professional well-being.


We value intellectual progress and earnest expertise.

  • We will support open data standards, open source software, and their communities.

  • We aim to ensure the data we present communicates a truthful and intuitive reflection of reality and will offer the best of our expertise and execution to our customers.

  • We will develop our team's expertise and facilitate professional and intellectual growth.

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