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"When you start a company, it is the vision of solving a problem you are passionate about that propels you. As we built our team, the immensely brilliant and driven people I get to work with have become the largest source of inspiration."

Rachel Olney 
Founder & CEO, Geosite


Building an innovative geospatial product involves gathering a multi-disciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and a passion for creation. We welcome team members from across the country and meet our team with support and opportunities for growth. 

The Geosite Team

Rachel Olney

Founder & CEO

Andrew Lee

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

Katrina Jelinek

Software Engineer

Daniela Moody

Chief Technical Officer

Drew Seminara

Sr. Software Engineer

Kwin Keuter

Sr. Software Engineer

Stella Yu

Chief Operating Officer

John Vu

Fullstack Engineer

Margaret Williams

Product Lead

Alex Roberson

Software Engineer

Josh Kessler

Director of Technical Operations

Martijn van Exel

Sr. Software Engineer

Join the Geosite mission

If you would like to express your general interest in working with us, please email us at and we will keep your resume for future reference. We look forward to meeting you!

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