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Emissions tracking for methane gas fuses satellite, drone, and field sensor imagery and data to create constant monitoring of all assets and operations creating an efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement solution to lower your risk and increase productivity.


Ascend: Proactive control over all your assets

An end-to-end solution to manage assets by exception, improve asset integrity, and increase OPEX.

Quick control and monitoring for methane emissions

Fuse satellite imagery with ground sensor data for comprehensive coverage of all your assets with advanced analytics and predictive maintenance.


Satellite, IoT, and field sensors

Complete integration with all the sensors and analytics needed for a clear picture of remote operations


Asset and operations monitoring

Incident Location Identification


Constant monitoring of all assets and operations


Management by exception


Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics for predictive maintenance

Comprehensive intel for complete situational awareness


Intuitive, actionable intelligence for all users in your organization

Industry Voices

As the reopening and mitigation strategies continue to fluctuate and vary by local and state government, commercial operations continue to look for ways to navigate the changes and safely conduct business


Spatial Data Increases Operational Efficiencies for Energy Industry


New Methane “Heat Map” to Help Oil Companies  Reduce Emissions


Rachel Olney on Oil and Gas Startups, Part 2

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