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Geosite builds applications that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to fuse satellite, drone, and other data into business operations workflows for logistics, installation management, incident response, and operations planning.


Leveraging Spatial Data

Geosite develops and deploys cloud-native applications that leverage spatial data for remote operations, infrastructure management, incident response, and logistics and readiness.  Our intuitive and flexible business intelligence tools leverage spatially- relevant data and deliver actionable insights to decision-makers, analysts, and operators. 

Geospatial data — information that links people, objects or behaviors with the “when and where” they occupy — is critical to managing resources and solving problems that range from finding lost hikers to directing disaster response, coordinating military or humanitarian operations, supply management, accurately managing installations and critical infrastructure nodes or addressing food scarcity. A majority of enterprises, however, struggle to capitalize on these data assets due real and perceived complexities associated with managing spatial data.

Geosite’s software solutions remove those complexities and give frontline employees the business intelligence tools they need to collaborate in real-time over their spatial data whether from drones, satellites, IoT devices, sensor networks or other analytic sources. Today, in the utilities industry, Geosite’s capabilities help reduce the frequency and duration of outages by allowing operators to easily visualize where problems exist using data from controls and sensors together with weather, crime, disaster, and other risk and incident data so they can respond quickly and precisely. In addition to the utilities industry, Geosite’s applications are transforming how businesses across the defense, energy, and insurance markets manage risk, provide value, and drive growth. 


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